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Business Development Services for MSMEs

India has many public programmes meant for the development of its micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).They mostly relate to functional areas such as, marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship. However, an integrated understanding of ‘real services’, as also a mechanism for their effective delivery are areas that deserve immediate attention. The findings of many evaluation studies indicate this critical gap. The primary task of a new policy approach should be to pitch this gap. While rapid technology and organisational changes take place, the very survival of SMEs would depend upon, not simply access to such technologies and organisational changes, but more importantly, how the changes are delivered. Developing a new horizon on business development services (BDS) is important to take the country’s MSME sector to the next level. The focus of this paper is on two major areas: a) organisational strategies; and b) BDS products. This dual focus is important, as none of the policy studies by expert committees and researches by individual scholars in the past have ever attempted such an approach.


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What is Development Practice? by P.M.Mathew

The word ‘development’ has been so carelessly used, by amateurs and professionals alike, that it is difficult to make out what one really means, and what one really does on it. The traditional perception on the concept is confined to the domain of economics, where ‘economic development’ is considered as the all- in- all of human progress. This gradually changed over time, giving space to other aspects of development as well, both relating to the individual and the society. The ‘sustainable development’ agenda’ brought out by the UN Conference on sustainable development(1987) need to be seen as a……click to read

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Seeking Expression of Interest from BDS Advisors

ISED Business Development Services Centre (ISED-BDSC), at the Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, invites Expression of Interest from Consultants across India. The preferred areas of expertise are:

  • Business Feasibility Studies
  • Preparation of project reports
  • SME finance
  • Venture capital financing
  • Government and Bank relations

Contact/queries at:; Telephone: 0484-2808171/2809884

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Mainstreaming Gender in Enterprise

While gender mainstreaming in India has got significant policy attention and practice, the sustainability of such mainstreaming initiatives, with special focus on enterprise development, have not got the attention they deserve. Gender mainstreaming becomes a meaningful initiative, essentially when the capabilities of women are enhanced. The spirit of enterprise is a focal theme which deserves close attention here. The key question, therefore, relates to how the initiatives for economic empowerment of women have contributed to triggering their creativity and the spirit of enterprise. A detailed discussion on this topic is crucial from the point of view of research and policy.

Mainstreaming gender, as a concept, is by now, well accepted at the policy level. But on its practice, there is need for much improvement. For that, the operational meaningfulness of the concept must be examined in detail. There is also need for a road map for action.