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ISED Small Enterprise Observatory deliberates on evidence base for enterprise development

kedr launch

Beyond the conventional fad of “data” in the parlance of bureaucracy, the term evidence base has, of late, become more popular in the semantics of public policy and practice around the world. In India the practice still continues to be essentially one of “self reliance”, wherein governments are comfortable with the beaten track. On the supply side, the statistical departments generate data; on the other the programme administering departments use such data. But the experience so far is largely of a mismatch between supply and demand.

The problem is graver in the case of  enterprise development where sensitive aspects such as knowledge, creativity, and achievement motivation are the driving forces of income opportunities of ordinary people. Here, beyond data, one needs solid evidence to tackle day to day issues of governance.

As part of the deliberations of the China Jubilee Kick off Meet, of the ISED Small Enterprise Observatory, an expert panel deliberated on the role of evidence base for enterprise, entrepreneurship development and livelihoods promotion in India. The debates where focused on four critical areas as follows:

  • Local Economic Development
  • Industry and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Enterprise Development
  • Gender and Enterprise Development

The distinguished speakers included Dr.Mridul Eapen and Dr.Jayan Jose Thomas, Members,State Planning Board,Dr. M.P.Sukumaran Nair, Chairman,RIAB,and Mr.Jiji Mammen,CEO,MUDRA. The speakers generally underscored the serious gaps as it exist today, and suggested measures for improving the knowledge base on enterprise, entrepreneurship, and livelihoods.


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“Decentralization, the Way Out”: Kerala Enterprise Development Report released

Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED) unveiled a complete story of Kerala’s track record on enterprise and entrepreneurship today. Kerala Enterprise Development Report was formally    released by   Dr.M.P.Sukumaran Nair, Chairman,RIAB. The event was planned by the Institute in order to mark the opening of the  China Jubilee celebrations of the Institute’s Knowledge platform, ‘ISED Small Enterprise Observatory'(ISED‐SEO). Dr.Christie Fernandez,Chairman,KSIDC, declared the celebrations open.

kedr launch

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ISED Small Enterprise Observatory: Jubilee being kicked off

ISED Small Enterprises Observatory(ISED‐SEO), the unique national level knowledge hub, housed at the Institute of Small Enterprises and Development (ISED),    kicked off its China Jubilee Celebrations on Tuesday. Dr.Christie Fernandez, Chairman, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation(KSIDC) inaugurated the celebrations. The speakers included, Dr.M.P.Sukumaran Nair, Chairman RIAB, P.V.Velayudhan, Director , MSME Development Institute, Dr.M.K.Sukumaran Nair, former    Head, Department of Economics, Cochin University of Science and Technology

ISED Small Enterprise Observatory

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‘Gender and Enterprise’: Need for Evidence based Policy.


In most debates on ‘gender and enterprise’, the major emphasis is on preferential treatment of policy, finance, and training opportunities, as the key drivers of equalizing opportunities for women entrepreneurs. However, several studies on enterprise development in general, and SME development in specific, have brought to the fore the crucial role of knowledge inputs in enterprise development. While in the present knowledge- driven economy, such inputs are crucial, gender brings in an added dimension as well. Knowledge has emerged as one of the most important development resources, and it is perceived that full utilization of knowledge can dramatically accelerate India’s development. There is a growing gap between knowledge generation and knowledge application in India. While there are a range of strategies to close this gap and accelerate progress, such strategies need to be examined. Therefore, it is important to discuss the rationale of knowledge systems in enterprise development, especially in the context of women enterprises, in a context where women’s access to resources are generally considered to be weak


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Kerala Legislative Assembly Deliberates on ISED Report

CaptureThe Fifth Session of the 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly, on May 04,2017, deliberated on the ‘Kerala Enterprise Development Report 2016’, prepared by the Institute of Small Enterprise and Development. The starred question No.206, mooted by Messers., P.T.A Rahim, E.P Jayarajan,  V. Abdurahiman and  M.Noushad regarding the agenda on “Enhancing the efficiency of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises” was answered by Sri. A.C. Moideen, Minister for Industry and Sports, on the floor of the house. According to the Minister, the ISED Report was examined by the Government, with reference to a number of issues and critical areas brought to the limelight by the Report. The policy initiatives to be taken up, based on the Report, is being examined by the Department of Industries and Commerce.

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Finance and Development: The MSME Story

Finance is undoubtedly a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for MSME sustainability. India has pioneered several experiments in ensuring credit in an inclusive manner. While these social aspects of finance are crucial, it is important to note that, there are several non finance aspects that are critical and pressing in ensuring sustainability of these enterprises. Despite recommendations of various expert committees, as also official pronouncements relating to MSME finance, there still lacks an integrated approach involving credit and non-credit interventions.. It is on top of such a dual system that institutional platforms attempt to offer solutions. The broad basing of micro lending, especially through the new scheme MUDRA, is an important step to forward. But effective knowledge system that can address the challenges of MSME development in the country is a critical gap today. Credit Guarantee systems and Business Development Services need a fresh look, and needs reforms.