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Job Openings at ISED: Advertisement No. 9/2018(December 31,2018)

ISED offers the following openings  at its headquarters at Cochin. Applicants are required to carefully go through the Institute’s website before submitting their application. Detailed bio data  may be e-mailed to the Director, Institute of Small Enterprises and Development( email: Based on an initial screening, selected candidates will be called for interview. They may seek  appointment for interview directly at  0484-2808171/ 2809884.

Positions Available:

The Institute invites applications from dynamic and sincere persons in the following areas:

Researchers/Development Practitioners
Persons with background in any Social Science or Science and Technology background, with a strong aptitude for research and/or development practice. Age/education  are not the primary criteria. Need to be strongly service oriented and adaptable.

Stipendiary Assistants
Proactive and service-oriented persons with a strong aptitude for research and/or development work/social service. Age/education  are not the primary criteria. Persons with background in NCC and National Service Scheme will be given special preference. However, Graduates from the flood affected areas of  Kerala will be given preference. Basic computer skills/communication skills needed.

Research Assistant
The Institute welcomes correspondence from candidates with background in Management, Economics, Statistics, Sociology etc., and  having clear aptitude for research work. They will be appropriately considered at a suitable position, depending upon their capabilities. Those planning to pursue their Ph.D., and who are interested in part-time research, may  also may apply. Part-timers may also apply.

Project  Assistant
Correspondence from candidates with background in disciplines such as, Management, Economics, Statistics, Sociology, and  having clear aptitude for development work/knowledge work. Persons having NGO experience also may apply. Selected candidates will be appropriately considered at a suitable position, depending upon their educational background and capabilities.

Technical  Assistant
Candidates with background and aptitude for rigorous field work/ extension work, may apply. Working knowledge of Tamil is desirable. Educational background: Graduation and above. Persons having NGO experience also may apply. Selected candidates will be appropriately considered at a suitable position, depending upon their capabilities.

Multi-task Assistant
Persons with a minimum qualification of Graduation. Essentially office work. Really computer-savvy candidates alone need apply. The work involves research tasks that are sensitive in nature. Capable and ready to do sensitive hard work, strictly according to the Institute’s Office Manual and Protocol. Age  and experience no bar, but salary packages will vary. Good opportunities of graduation into higher posts, based on performance. Candidates with salary as the sole consideration, need not apply.

Technical Assistant(Graphics Design)
The job is meant for the Publication Division of the Institute. Need to meet  design requirements of publications and web. Experienced hands with background, preferably , in In design software, may apply. The person selected is also expected to do other (research-related/office)  work  of the Institute, applicable to the cadre of Technical Assistants.

Desk Assistants
Persons with good language skills(English and Malayalam) and computer skills. Skills in drafting and communication would be desirable. Persons with media background also may apply.

Period of the Opening: Short-term and/or Long- term.

Education and Skill set: General Criteria
•    Preferably Graduates/Post graduates
•    Analytical Skills
•    IT Skills
•    Communication skills in English and Malayalam
•    Interview Skills for Field Investigation.

The remuneration package is dependent on the particular skill-set of candidates.


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Internship Opportunities at ISED

ISED Knowledge, Skills, and Entrepreneurship Mission(ISED-KSEM) announces its Quarterly Internship opportunities. This includes the International Internship Programme in Sustainable Enterprise Development (IIPSD), as also the Short- term Internship Programme of the Institute. Candidates may write to the Director (, with full details of their background and interests. Course Co ordinators also may write on behalf of their institutions. For more details, please go through our brochure(email:

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Call for Expression of Interest

ISED invites expression of interest from senior, mid-career, and junior researchers who are interested to participate in the India MSME Communication Programme (IMCP).Those interested to work as Regional Representatives, in their own State, also may contact. For full details, please write in confidence to Director, ISED, Cochin-682028. (email:

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ISED Launches ‘Response Group-New Kerala'(RG-NK)

new keralaISED and its think-tank platform, the ISED Small Enterprise Observatory have decided to set up  ‘Response Group-New Kerala'(RG-NK), as a think-tank cum volunteering platform, driving for a ‘New Kerala’, as visualised by the Chief Minister. Envisaged as a  regular platform of the  Kerala watchers and enthusiasts, RG-NK will  have, as its members, all who respond to this  call.

RG-NK is a pure technical assistance platform. Its sole purpose is to see things happen in a larger agenda of shaping a  ‘New Kerala’, as visualized by the Government of Kerala. The objective of the RG-NK is to ensure  ‘going an extra mile’ , beyond the  ‘wishful thinking’  of thousands of Kerala -lovers across the world. In an attempt to do this, the RG-NK invites the following forms  of participation in this platform:
•    CSR Window: Adoption of Village/Clusters
It is an excellent opportunity for well-meaning companies around India, to fruitfully use their CSR funds for a genuine cause, of course, with a business case (eg: “Adopt a Loom”). We, at ISED, as experienced CSR practitioners, can help you with effective project ideas having a long term business case.

•    Market Development  assistance
A helping hand can come from elsewhere in the country, regarding market development assistance to the flood-affected producers(eg: handlooms, rare craft items).


•    Search for Local vendors  
The invaluable skills of the local producers and craftsmen need to be preserved and augmented. Should you be interested in a potential vendor relationship with them, of course with a business case, do not hesitate to contact us .
•    Bulk Sourcing Offers
There are a number of cases around the State, where stock and inventory have got damaged partially or fully. It is important that, in a rejuvenation package, fresh blood of orders must come with a helping hand. For instance, in case a company elsewhere is interested in such bulk purchases, along with new orders, do not hesitate to contact us for sharing ideas.
•    Volunteering
Volunteering services are a state of the art form of technical assistance to small producers and craftsmen. If you are a Private Sector Development Specialist, or should you be interested to send a few of your employees with some technical expertise as volunteers, ISED would be happy to help you with ideas.

•    “Know Kerala” drive
Enterprise and entrepreneurship in Kerala, amid the State’s huge visibility in relation to education and health, did not get the attention they deserve. Read through Kerala-specific research findings at the ISED Small enterprise Observatory

•    Research Collaboration & Faculty Exchange
It is important to analyze, in depth,  impacts on the income streams and  opportunities , as also the new opportunities that may come up. Rigorous research has to happen, ensuring  that policy initiatives become strongly evidence-based. We invite the kind attention and cooperation  of all concerned scholars, within India and abroad.

•    Youth Internships
It is extremely important to note that the youth in Kerala have demonstrated their impeccable commitment to their brethren, by actively participating in the flood relief and rehabilitation programme. Their bravery and commitment need to be showcased not simply by routine compliments, but by a global connect. ISED under its’ International Internship Programme in Sustainable Development’, offers an excellent opportunity for interns from universities and research establishments across the world.

•    Support to the  Observatory

Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, and the ‘ISED Small Enterprise Observatory’, its premier knowledge platform, have from time to time , contributed to knowledge creation and strategy development in the State. The ISED Small Enterprise Observatory, through its more than two decades of life, has come out with several innovations in policy and practice. However, the Observatory need to grow in leaps and bounds, in order to fulfill its mission. We invite you to join us as a Member of this vibrant knowledge platform(Please contact the Co coordinator  at

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ISED Appeals for Social Capital Mobilisation

While, post-calamity situations around the world, attract huge humanitarian aid, beyond resettlement, their impact on the livelihoods of the affected communities has been a matter of debates. The recent Mega Floods in Kerala also has attracted substantial humanitarian assistance from across the world. However, the challenge for Kerala today, is to refashion and restructure the so-called Kerala model of development, which over time has become a pyramid upside down. The State has, to a large extent gone back of its achievements of the past one decade. There is need to build-up a solid livelihoods base, in order to prevent social tensions in the short run, and to ensure sustainable development. The need of the hour is to focus on capabilities and social capital mobilization, on par with reconstruction initiatives. The ISED has made a formal appeal to all well-meaning Kerala lovers around the world, to join in this initiative. The institute also has setup a project in this regard, along with a response group that is expected to act as a think tank-cum-social capital platform.