Institute of Small Enterprises and Development

About the Institute


ISED is a knowledge institution that considers enterprise and entrepreneurship as the trigger of socio-economic development. With the motto of “sustainable development through enterprise”, its activity spectrum includes, research, knowledge base development and knowledge sharing, business development services, advisory services and development communication.

The origin of the Institute, in 1988, owes to the initiatives of a group of professionals and concerned citizens from various parts of India, who were influenced by the global Sustainable Development Agenda, put forward by the World Commission on Environment and Development. The active helping hand of the Planning Commission, New Delhi, offered the early strength and vitality to the nascent Institute.

ISED considers development of private enterprise as  the fulcrum of  sustainable economic development. It believes that, even when the global resources get depleted day by day, sky is the limit for human capabilities. And it is these capabilities or creativity(or ‘entrepreneurship’ in a wider sense), from which enterprises germinate and grow.

Action for development of sustainable enterprises and entrepreneurship  need to be based on a holistic understanding of the process of development, on the one hand, and feedback on intelligent interventions, on the other. The whole process leads to knowledge creation. ISED programme and action are anchored on maintaining such knowledge base, and taking it to the people consistently.

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 While the ‘right to livelihood’ is a basic right of all human beings. For this, people choose either wage employment or self employment. The United Nations, under its ‘sustainable development agenda’, has emphasised that the rights and protection required to support self-employment, start businesses, and become a micro-entrepreneur (as derived from existing rights, including political, civil, economic and social ones) as essential for ensuring livelihoods for the poor. For this, an effective legal system, local government institutions, and services that are more open, accessible, accountable and have legitimacy, need to be ensured. The mission of ISED is to advance the theory and practice of sustainable development, among enterprises and their various stakeholders: policy makers,financial institutions , promotional agencies,international partners, media, civil society and the community at large.


Enterprises and entrepreneurial capabilities are the engines of economic growth today in the modern world. How entrepreneurs are born and behave? What do they contribute to the economy? How does public policy set the tone and tenor of enterprise growth? These are some of the crucial aspects of the sustainable development debate today. The Programme and activities of the Institute are tuned on the above lines:


Research , at the ISED, includes, Independent Projects of the Institute’s own priorities, as also Contract Research..


Business Development Services (BDS) are a critical link between knowledge base and the practice of enterprise development. This integrated concept includes a wide variety of non-financial services, such as entrepreneurship training and mentoring, business up-scaling packages, revival packages, shaping of local economic development strategies, labour and management training,development of marketing strategies, counselling, Institution development, advisory services etc..

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The advisory services of the Institute cover a wide spectrum, Such clientele includes, Ministries and Departments of the Union,State,and local governments, international organisations,enterprise promotion agencies, financial institutions, community organisations, and business associations and Chambers.


‘Development Communication’ involves a group of programmes and institutional platforms that link the Institute with the community. India MSME Communication Programme (IMCP) is a national programme for communicating the concerns of the small enterprise constituency.

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The Observatory is a permanent Knowledge Hub on enterprise and entrepreneurship, Promoted by ISED, but organised on a Partnership mode.


The capabilities of the Institute are the sum total and outcome of its diversified Programme, as also of the strength of its Knowledge Centres.


Besides its small corpus fund, the resource base of the Institute come from its Programmes, both in-house and external assignments. ISED, unlike many other institutions, is an innovator, and hence, utilises a significant part of its resources on development of innovative programmes. Donations and contributions are encouraged. The Institute is registered under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (1986) and is eligible to accept foreign contributions. It is also tax-exempted under Sec. 12(A) of the Income Tax Act. The Institute has the necessary infrastructure for carrying out its Programme and activities.


ISED believes and practices in ‘collective efficiency’, rather than in individual action. Partnerships and Networks enrich the content and, quality of the ISED programme.